• No cure, no pay. It never happens but - if it doesn't work, we don't charge
  • Change your mind at any point, if you don't use the permit, nothing changes

Freelance, WFH, or business owner, the great reset has created opporunities for working from paradise. Paradise responded with bespoke legal arrangements, like the Digital Nomad visa and the XXX business license. This is what the application process looks like:

  • Online government portal, you can monitor every step and see every doc
  • Predictable - and reasonable - fees, you'll know everything before you decide

Costa Rica is place well suited to expats, you can speak English and pay in dollars everywhere. The government provides excellent (free) resources to find a house, (international) schools, cars, etc. Want to take your belongings? Shipping takes about 1-2 weeks from major US seaports.

Day trips - ther are multiple daily direct flights from SJO or LIB to New York (3 hours) LA (5) and a dozen other destinations in the US.

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Bespoke arrangements

Starting a big adventure, you want to feel that everything is in place, and right for you. Costa Rica offers every imaginable arrangment every step of the way. We turn it into a bespoke offering for you.

Digital Nomad

In 2020 the Digital Nomad visa was introduced for individuals WFH.

Family visas

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Business owner

Run your business remote, or move it here. Costa Rica offer a stable transparent business environment, free of lawsuit culture.

Tailored tax system

Similar to the residence permits, Costa Rica has a taxation system designed to work well for expats, such as US citizens.

Permanent residence

Want to get

Tourist visa on arrival

Want to try before you buy? Citizens from the US, EU, UK, and many others get their tourist visa on arrival (no fee)

Walk into our Online Open Office hours

Every day is open office day, with our Online Open Office hours, join us 9AM-2PM ET using Zoom or your browser using the button on the right.

Paperwork needed

Identity document (passport, driver license, etc.), tax returns

Balanced process

We work with hand-in-hand with the Immigration Office, which posts every step online

Receive the documents at home

Once everything is finalized, we make sure the documents are sent to you home.

Verification throughout

Verify everything independently, our bag registrations, we show you where to find it all.


Our team includes a former Costa Rican civil judge, a former United Nations diplomat - who led the resolution on the Human Right to a Healthy Environment, and an independent business owner. We also have business and technology experts on our team.

Joel Matamoros

  • Head of Business Dept.
  • Taxation expert
  • Business relocation

Frequently Asked Questions

Major decisions naturally involve many questions, we address some common ones below. If you have another one, drop us an email, or connect directly to our online Open Office Hours.

  • What am I looking at in terms of costs?

    We practice what we preach! We moved (back) to Costa Rica, costs down here are lower, allowing us to pass on savings to our clients. The immigration process may look a bit daunting, but we have done it many times and know exactly how to navigate it (quickly). A typical application for a US citizen taken 7-9 hours. Families can file paperwork jointly. Our professionals work from home most days, thinner margins allow us to offer a median Costa Rican rate, for top-notch serivces.

  • Yes, we can send you a US bill. Billing from the US is expensive, it therefore necessitates us to add a 10% surcharge.

  • Yes, we provide you with a personal access to your own account on the Government of Costa Rica Migration Agency portal (launched in 2022). Any documents that we file on your behalf, as well as the government's responses are visible to you here in real time.



A penny for your thoughts... Tell us what you're thinking, we'll write back a single email with what we're thinking. No mailings or "follow-ups", that's a promise.

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